Saturday, May 21, 2011

English translator on the blog is here: Greetings and Salutations everyone!

Hello to all readers! I am the humble translator of this blog, in which I go with the Pseudonym “Millus_M”.

I am here only due to a simple reason; as this blog are virtually open to anyone who had an access to an internet, Puan Chahaya deemed that it is necessary to have at least an English translation of what is written here in this blog so that everyone no matter where they live can read, provided as long as they can read English… Hence here I am and my purpose.

Now I would like to state a few things before I start on the translation, to all of you dear readers;

-I am here to translate Puan Chahaya’s blog entries from Malay to English as another blogger, dracer.musleh can interpret himself well with both languages as far as I can see throughout the blog. However I will happily translate should the need and the wishes from both said individual arises.

-My translations may be far from perfect but I hope they suffice to bring the point across. I am currently a college student undertaking Language degree so you get the idea. Also I am somewhat busy most of the time so my translation entries will be a tad slow on the update.

So please bear with me everyone, I will try to do my best on the translation and hope many of you will not disappoint. If you have any questions, do ask and I will try my best to answer.

Best regards everyone!

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